Overview of Parks with purpose

What Can a Park Do? 

  • Parks can transform blighted spaces into a community asset1

Untitled 8
The image on the left shows the chronic flooding in Atlanta’s west side neighborhoods near the future site of Kathryn Johnston Memorial Park. Image on the right shows a rendering of the new park along with its many community assets.

  • Parks can provide opportunities for job training and employment2

Our partners at The Greening Youth Foundation’s (GYF) work with diverse, underserved and underrepresented children, youth and young adults in an effort to develop and nurture enthusiastic and responsible environmental stewards. Photo by Whitney Flanagan. 

  • Parks can offer ecosystem services such as storm water retention, remediated air and water, and erosion control3 

vine city
Vine City Park is one of Atlanta’s first Parks with Purpose. The park had been an abandoned lot until the Fund bought the land and transformed it. The City of Atlanta now owns the park and the community has a place to enjoy the outdoors. Photo by Claire Cooney.

  • Parks can help to build more empowered and resilient communities4 

11 5 2018 ParksWithPurpose Peer Exchange Atlanta ZhivkoIlleieff11
Peer Exchange tour of Lindsay Street Park, guided by a talk from neighborhood resident Mother Moore. Photo by Zhivko Illeieff. 

  • Parks can engage all ages in environmental education, stewardship, and advocacy5

Stephen Causby (left), resident and manager at Mattie Freeland Park, talking about the work of the local community in creating and maintainig the park.

  • Parks can provide food resources for communities that lack access to healthy foods

In the fall of  2016, The Conservation Fund  acquired 7.1 acres of land on Browns Mill Road in southeast Atlanta.  This site will become Atlanta's first Community Urban Food Forest, as well as a new model for a City of Atlanta park. Photo by Browns Mill Food Forest.

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