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Kathleen Marks
North Carolina Director, Resourceful Communities
Amelia Matthews
Transaction Specialist
Travis May
Aquaculture Production Manager, Freshwater Institute
Monica McCann
Associate Director, Resourceful Communities
Meg McCants
Conservation Acquisition Department Manager; Secretary to the Board of Directors
Carolyn McCoy
Senior Paralegal, National Office
Erika McGilley
Western North Carolina Business Lender, Natural Capital Investment Fund
Jaimie McGirt
Food and Faith Coordinator, Resourceful Communities
Todd McNew
Florida Representative, Conservation Acquisition
Brad Meiklejohn
Senior Representative, Conservation Acquisition
Erik Meyers
Vice President, Climate and Water Sustainability
Clint Miller
Midwest Project Director, Conservation Acquisition
Ginevera Moore
Midwest Field Representative, Conservation Acquisition
Roberta Moore
Conservation Associate
Robin Murphy
Senior Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Megan Murray
Water & Environmental Chemistry Lab Technician, Freshwater Institute
Emilee Nelson
Minnesota Associate, Conservation Acquisition
Holly Newberger
North Coast Program Coordinator
Kevin O
West Virginia Business Lender, Natural Capital Investment Fund
Jodi O
Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Assistant Secretary