Angie Doucette

Project Coordinator, Greenseams Program

Angie Jacksoni
Angie assists with the Fund's $27 million Strategic Conversation Planning program called "Greenseams" through a partnership with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. Angie's position provides guidance on a number of conservation strategies including real estate due diligence and negotiations, community outreach, and land management and restoration.  Her areas of expertise include Geographic Information Systems analysis, grant management, and partner coordination.

Angie holds a Masters of Science degree in Conservation Geography from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a Bachelors of Science degree in Geography from Appalachian State University. Angie has worked with The Conservation Fund since 2013. 

Contact:  Phone: 414-225-2124   Office: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Greenseams Milwaukee

Greenseams Milwaukee

More than one million people live and work in the Milwaukee metro area. As the region grows, with more...